How It Works

How EatFitz Works

Choose the type of meal and Personalize

The size of your meals.

We Prepare everything fresh and very carefully

We prepare everything very carefully.

Warm up and Enjoy your health meal

Store your meals as indicated.

Warm up and enjoy your meal

How It Works In video

How Order Meals

Many people have questions about how to place your order online, so we will help you with that. Come with us!


When accessing our Order Now page choose the type of meal you want:


Of these options, only the first one (Create My Meal) is that you can customize and choose each ingredient you prefer.

By going to the option Create My Meal you will be able to choose whether you want to personalize your meal (choose each food on your plate) or if you want assorted meals (informing what you like and what you don’t like we will make assorted meals for you).


So, in this first phase choose whether or not you want to personalize your meal and choose its size.

Let’s start customizing your food:

Step 1: Choose the carbohydrate

Step 2: Choose the protein

Step 3: Choose vegetables

Step 4: Choose the quantity


Now just wait for your meal to arrive on Sunday.

How is the process after ordering online

The meals will arrive…

 When placing your order by 3PM on Saturday, we will prepare your meals carefully and deliver the next day.

 Our deliveries are made only on Sundays. Therefore:

* On Sunday between 7AM to 9AM, we will send you an SMS with Delivery ETA of your meals.

* After delivery is made, we will send you another text message with a picture of your order to confirm that your order has been delivered to the correct address.

Important: The delivery address cannot be modified and we will not be able to wait for the customer at the delivery location, as we have a route and timetable.

 Orders placed after Friday 10PM can not be canceled or reschedule.


Order Eat Fitz for the whole week and save time and money

How handle the meals

Your meals will always arrive fresh!

 We recommend to refrigerate the meals that you will consume Monday and Tuesday. When is time to eat your refrigerated meals, please Microwave your meal for 3 minutes and now you can EatFitz!

 Remove your meals out of the freezer and put it inside your refrigerator 12 hours before consuming in order to defrost naturally.

After this process, you can now heat it up for 3 minutes and enjoy your meal like is fresh!